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Irrigation & Water Management


E.L. Services Inc. recognizes the importance of water usage and takes integrated approach with regard to our overall landscape management services. Our Staff Water Management Professionals are experienced and certified and have saved our clients thousands of dollars on water bills through our improvements. Our Irrigation Technicians are experienced in the installation, repair, and on-going maintenance of a range of sophisticated irrigation systems including programming and monitoring ET-based controllers and weather stations. We are proactive in the management of existing systems, as well as the renovation of older systems.


  • Water Conservation Plans

  • Retrofit Design and Installations

  • New Design and Installations

  • Water Management Consulting

  • 24 hour Emergency Response to irrigation breaks

  • Backflow Repair and Testing.

  • ET Smart Controllers.

  • Wire Line Tracing

  • Water Audits

  • Development of Water Budgets


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